Outer Space Wall Decal Set

DIY Outer Space Wall Decal
Outer Space Wall Decal Set
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Largest item approximately 12"W x 14"H (sold on 1 sheet, 53"W x 70"H) Largest item approximately
12"W x 14"H (sold on 1 sheet, 53"W x 70"H)
Create your own DIY outer space traffic jam with this fun set of alien, animal, and kid wall decals. This cool set of wall graphics comes complete with planets, spaceships, and even a Mac Aliens restaurant! This enormous set of kooky fun wall decals is a Wall-Ah! Original!
Outer Space Factory Wall Decal Set


• Complete your futuristic themed room with these additional wall decals



Decorating with Wall-Ah! wall decals is easy & fun! Follow these simple steps: Decide on your wall graphic. Pick a room. Measure the space for your decal. Be sure the surface is clean, smooth, & dry. Slowly peel your wall decal artwork from the backing and apply the decal to the surface. Start from the center of the wall decal and smooth the decal outwards to get rid of wrinkles or bubbles. To reposition the wall decal, just slowly peel your Wall-Ah! from the wall, starting from the top of the wall decal in a downward direction and start over. Save the decal backing in case you want to reuse! Wall-Ah! You're finished and ready to show off your creation. We'd love to see it, so be sure and share pictures using #wallah #wallah_rooms

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